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God's Financial System

Discover God's plan for your financial success and how God's system works with Sam Adeyemi.

Integrity of God's word 2 with Pastor Sam Adeyemi.

Integrity of God's Word

Join Sam Adeyemi on this journey as we explore the word of God and why it is crucial to our practical everyday lives.

In the Beginning

Listen to the free audio series with Sam Adeyemi for 2021.

Discover how to differentiate yourself with Thanksgiving in this series.  

Leading Your Team

Leading your team with Sam Adeyemi.

Achieving Excellence

How to achieve excellence in all that you do. For more go to the

Listen to the Entrepreneurship Series. This episode covers Strategic Prayer for Business.

Join Sam Adeyemi on this new series on Fulfilling your Ministry. Go to for more on this 4 part series.

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