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Think Like A CEO

Join Sam Adeyemi on the new series Think Like A CEO. Go to for full series or watch on-demand now

Listen to the free podcast from the Love Series with Sam Adeyemi now. For more visit

Discover How to Become a Person of Excellence today with Sam Adeyemi. For more on this series go to

Marriage by Grace series with Sam Adeyemi. Discover the grace you need for your marriage and much more. For more go to

Soul Winning - Good News

Join Sam Adeyemi on this exciting discussion on Soul Winning. For more visit

Maximixing Your influence series with Sam Adeyemi. For more visit for entire series    

Discover your talents in this series by Sam Adeyemi.

Join Sam Adeyemi on this exciting series on Stewardship. Get the full 4 part series at

Join Pastor Sam Adeyemi on this impactful and life changing series Entrepreneurship. For more visit

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